Ticket Reservations

Our next concert is:

Photo - Carson Becke

Carson Becke Piano Recital: Wordless Stories


Saturday, December 15th
7:30 PM

$30 (includes a wine and cheese reception)
$20 Students and under 18s


* Buy tickets online at Eventbrite *


You can also reserve tickets over the phone at


or by email at

Single concert ticket pricing:

All concerts in the season (apart from the July gala concert and the December end of season concert and reception) are $25, or $15 if you are under 18 or a student.

The Gala evening (July 21) is $60
The December concert is $30

Student and under 18 tickets cannot be bought online. They must be reserved either by email or phone, and paid for at the door.

Season’s passes:

In 2018 we are offering a full season pass, and a half season pass. These can be purchased over the phone or ordered by email at the contacts above, or in person at the door of one of our concerts. The pass can be picked up at the door in person.

Full season (including Gala): $250
Full season (excluding Gala): $220

Half season (excluding Gala)*: $110

*Your choice of four concerts through the season. No need to decide in advance, we will mark off the concerts you’ve attended at the door. If you attend less than four concerts, your pass will be valid in the 2019 season until you have attended four concerts.

For the time being, payment at the door is cash only.