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Buying & Selling


Venturing Hills Farm

Venturing Hills Farm often has a select group of talented horses/ponies for sale, suitable for riders of various degrees of experience. We have sold many horses over the years and enjoyed watching their new partnerships develop! If VHF does not have what your looking for, we are happy to search elsewhere to find your perfect match.  

When it is time to sell your horse/pony, we can help you with the process in whatever capacity you need, training, videos, ads, trial visits, etc. We like to keep the owners involved in the sales process, but allow them the freedom from day to day sales communication.


The World Of Horse Sales Is Changing...

At VHF we believe the sales process should be an enjoyable experience for all as we celebrate the end of one partnership, and the beginning of another!

Please contact Rae Becke about the procurement of horses and ponies.

Looking For A Horse?

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Princess Grace



Chocolate Dipped



Fox Creeks Madam Wu

Anderins Lorelei

Fox Creeks Victory Cat

Fox Creeks Colonel Meow

Fox Creeks Donatello

Send One In


Make My Day





Past Sales since 2017

Reflet Du Nord

Paradigm Shift

No Stranger To The Rain

Celtic Dez


Cajun Chrome

Fernhill Nikelodeon


Artful Dare

Fox creeks Madam Wu


Peppy's No Foolin

Capkapie Des Frene Z

AR Especials Fire


First Formal Chic

Peter Parker

Hope Crossmyheart

Gentle Breeze Sugar Plum

Rose Roxanne

Lucky Duck

He's Got Mojo

Stella Ella Olla




We can help find your next dream horse too!


Procured for Clients Since 2017

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