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April 1st: COVID - 19 Update

The barn will be closed until further notice is given for Recreational lessons, Leasers, and Boarders.

Thank you for your understanding at this time, and know we are doing everything to ensure the care and well being of the animals.

Equestrian Facility Operation Guidelines

March 25, 2020

To comply with provincial government regulations to stop all non-essential economic services and activities in Quebec until April 13, equestrian facilities must close. Boarders and horse owners do not have access. Only owners and managers of equestrian facilities as well as their employees are allowed on the properties. As they are responsible for the care, custody and control of the horses, managers and employees are to provide the minimum care required.

  • Horses must by fed and given water
  • Horses must be in a clean environment (stall, water bowl, etc.) Horses must exercise based on their needs, according to their condition and taking into account the state of health emergency.
  • Horses must be seen and evaluated at least twice a day.
  • Horses must receive urgent treatment (veterinarian, care, farrier, etc.)

The term “equestrian facility” refers to any establishment that houses horses. The access restrictions apply to the entire property, that is, the buildings and outdoor spaces.