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Venturing Hills Farm

Summer Camps - 2024

Offer your kids the Summer of a lifetime with our unique camps!

Our longstanding Summer camp program has a stellar reputation. Operating since 2009, our camps have never ceased to put smiles on the faces of children and parents alike. With hundreds of acres of land backing onto the Gatineau Hills, and a large herd of horses and ponies, Venturing Hills is quite literally a haven for young explorers and horse lovers.

Our bilingual counselors make this an all the more accessible experience for children coming from both sides of the river!


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June 24th-28th, 2024

Ponies N' More Ponies

Saddle up for a magical adventure! Young horse lovers will build a bond with their four-legged friends while learning the basics of horseback riding. Immerse your child in the joy of horsemanship against the backdrop of Luskville's picturesque beauty, which they will also get to explore with some hiking, swimming, outdoor games, and crafts.

Ages 5-16

675$ + tax


July 1rst-5th, 2024

Ponies N' Peace

Unlock a world of imagination and discovery at our Ponies n’ Peace Camp – a haven where young minds flourish through the magic of riding, yoga, art, and mindfulness! Immerse your child in a unique blend of activities that foster creativity, physical well-being, and inner peace. Activities will include  learning to take care of ponies, learning to ride yoga, meditation, outdoor games/adventures, swimming and crafts!

Ages 5-16

675$ + tax

July 8th-12th & July 15th-19th, 2024

Ponies N' Mountain Peaks

Dive into the great outdoors with our exhilarating Ponies n’ Mountain Peaks Camp! The kids will embark on a journey of adventure and exploration as they discover the wonders of hiking, riding, swimming, yoga, and a plethora of outdoor games amidst the stunning natural backdrop that is the Eardley escarpment. This camp is for young explorers, fostering a love for nature and an appreciation for outdoor activities. The second week of this camp is optional, please know that it will build on the things the kids learn in the first week!

Ages 5-16

675$ + tax / week

July 22nd-26th, 2024

Ponies N' Paramount Performance

Tailored to our more advanced riders, this camp offers the perfect opportunity for you to hone your skills in and out of the saddle under the tutelage of our Head Trainer and certified Comp coach specialist, Rae Becke. Our fitness classes will target individual physical weaknesses and imbalances, and improve overall strength, endurance, mobility, and functionality. Mental strategies will be provided to better understand and control your emotions either in training or at shows. You will be shown professional tips and tricks on keeping your competition horse healthy, starting with managing the hardworking equine athlete and understanding best post-performance care practices.

750$ + tax