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Wellness Services

Discover the essence of well-being at Venturing Hills Farm, nestled in the heart of the picturesque Pontiac region. Explore a diverse range of wellness events from rejuvenating yoga classes to immersive outdoor retreats. Each experience invites you to reconnect with yourself and nature. Our women-only events offer a space for empowerment and connection, while ecstatic dances ignite a sense of liberation through movement. Delve into the fascinating world of animal communication and deepen your bond with the natural world.

The Farm, a Place of Healing

Join us at Venturing Hills Farm and immerse yourself in a transformative journey of self-discovery, where the beauty of nature serves as your guide to inner harmony and well-being, with the gentle presence of our horses to facilitate healing and connection.

Animal Communication

Marie-Lune's journey in the realms of energy healing began at a young age, where she discovered solace in the presence of animals, nature, and wise souls. Over time, she realized these entities were her guides, aiding in the evolution and refinement of her innate psychic and empathic abilities.Described as gentle, maternal, gracious, and approachable, Marie-Lune takes pride in delivering truth with clarity and compassion within a safe and nurturing space. She firmly believes in the power of gentleness, both in her interactions with clients and in her own life.Marie-Lune finds heartfelt joy in serving animals, healers, and empathic individuals. Through her private sessions, teachings, and mentorship programs, she has guided hundreds on their journey toward healing, reconnection, growth, and evolution.

Animal Communication Workshop

Saturday, June 23rd 2024 (10am-5pm) at Venturing Hills Farm

You will learn...

350$ (tax included)

30$ + tax

  • Why is animal communication important?
  • What is intuition and how can you tune into it?
  • What is the difference between telepathy and intuition?
  • How to connect, listen and communicate with animals using telepathy
  • Animal etiquette and respect
  • Demonstration and practicing of animal communication

Outdoor Retreats

Embark on a full day of adventure and serenity at Venturing Hills Farm's one-day outdoor retreats, where you'll discover the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.

Begin your journey with a hearty breakfast and thorough safety briefing before tackling the thrilling rock climbing challenges at Home Cliff or the Eastern front.

Following your ascent, enjoy a scenic hike to the mountaintop for a rejuvenating yoga session overlooking breathtaking landscapes.

Upon your return to the farm, you'll get quality time with the horses, who are renowned energy healers. You learn more about them, and and enjoy brushing/caressing them as you settle after your adventurous day.

Take a moment for personal reflection before joining us for an optional dinner and an evening of ecstatic dance beneath the stars.

Wednesday, July 31rst, 2024 at Venturing Hills Farm

Saturday, August 3rd, 2024 at Venturing Hills Farm

Tuesday, August 6th, 2024 at Venturing Hills Farm

Friday, August 9th, 2024 at Venturing Hills Farm

Family Day Retreat
Open to All Day Retreat
Open to All Day Retreat
Women-only Day Retreat
305$ + TAX/DAY

Yoga Classes

Laurie is a registered kinesiologist and certified yoga teacher since 2019. She is a nature and animal lover and always up for adventures and developing new skills. She believes that we have everything within ourselves to be who we are fully. Her work is to guide people back to these parts of themselves through movement, connection, feeling and self-honesty.  

Laurie hosts yoga classes on the regular, either outdoors on our beautiful land or in our cozy upstairs studio.

Yin Yoga & Therapeutic Touch

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 (7 - 9pm) at Venturing Hills Farm

A relaxing Yin Yoga combined with hand pressure to deepen the stretches and relaxation of the body & mind with special guest hosts Jeanne Beaudry and Nadine.

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